Welcome to Polkadots Press

Welcome to Polkadots Press

When you visit both Polkadots and Moonbeams stores on Third Street, you suddenly feel like you’re in a small village, not blocks from the behemoth Beverly Center. When you enter the vintage store, it’s like a time warp to an old-fashioned shop from a simpler time that no longer exists, except within these walls and old windows that shops used to have. Sure, the village has A-list celebs that shop here (with the vintage store as the perfect place to treasure hunt for those who work on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”), but everyone gets red carpet treatment and a warm smile as if you’re a long lost friend.


Since Wendy Freedman manifested these two magical stores in 1982 (at the time many of her vintage outfits were new) Polkadots and Moonbeams has been a respite for customers. A place to have a little light and fun in their day. They often build a day around these two special stores. People meet friends and family for lunch and then spend time at this cozy unexpected fashion haven.


This is a weekly piece we’re introducing as Polkadots Press. It’s our way to further connect this little village of Polkadots patrons and fashionistas who appreciate the uniqueness Wendy has been offering Los Angeles women for almost 40 years.


For our first Polkadots Press, we’re chatting with Wendy about a first for her store – a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Dr. Love, a renowned breast cancer specialist, will speak at the event in the store Tuesday Oct. 22 at 6 p.m.


Is this the first event with Dr. Susan Love? What made you want to have the event?

I want to give to a charity that means something to me and a lot of people. Close friends and family I know and so many of my customers have been affected by breast cancer and I wanted to give to her specifically because she is looking at different ways to fight breast cancer. I’ve been through it twice.


What can we look forward to at this event?

I look forward to making great connections with my customers, seeing great fashion, talking cancer and what’s going with women. The raffles will be so much fun. A lot of my friends and neighbors have donated amazing things for these raffles. Everyone is going to love contributing to the cause and winning great prizes and famous Polkatinis will be served. Some raffle prizes include a dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant in Santa Monica, an hour session with best selling author and producer Billy Ray, a $200 gift certificate for dry cleaning, a gorgeous gift basket for your home, jewelry, a reading with a medium, gift certificates for beauty and makeup.


What are you hoping will come from the event?

I would like to raise a lot of money for breast cancer research and I would like to have longtime customers gather together, and hopefully new people will come because my store is a community. This is serious business with people’s lives at stake.